2024 Summer

Financial Representative Internship

In this role, you will

Have an immersive and highly developmental experience

Gain a solid foundation in the financial services field

Be part of an amazing cohort, connecting with peers, learning and working together

Learn from CP’s best financial services advisors and managers

Participate in a structured, thoughtful, developmental program

Have solid, real-world exposure to building client relationships, sales processes, sales skills

Learn what it takes to be successful in a financial services career

Have the opportunity to apply to our highly coveted “CP Residency” program

Internship Requirements

Who is a CP intern?


Is currently a

College Junior (rising Senior)


Majors in

Finance, Financial Planning, Business, or Entrepreneurship


Also has

An entrepreneurial spirit, is self-motivated and committed to continual learning, and always strives to make a difference

We are looking for talented people who want to help others, where you’ll learn about the exciting entrepreneurial career as a financial advisor. In our internship, you will gain a realistic understanding of a career in financial services and obtain real-world experience alongside some of the best in the field.

Andy Brincefield, CLU, ChFC, CFP®, President and CEO, Consolidated Planning

What will you learn?

CP’s philosophy and how to have a process-first mindset approach to business

How to effectively use social media strategies in business

How to use the Living Balance Sheet (LBS) which is a key to planning success

The art and science of talking to people about their finance, how they treat money, and how they think

Hear from successful CP advisors who will tell their stories of success, how they run their business, and the language they use

Why “protection first”

How to create a business plan

Insurance, 401ks, investments, annuities, retirement planning, debt management and more

Savings, cash flow, debt, deductibles, and investment gains

The language used in client calls and understanding the timing of client calls

How to prospect

Financial organization, business planning, wealth building, and more!

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Why Consolidated Planning?

Our firm was born out of frustration with the financial planning industry and its failure to deliver real solutions. We implement a protection first philosophy that challenges the status quo and empowers our clients to take control of their narrative by working to maximize cash flow. Our highly skilled team of specialists and professionals deliver balanced financial solutions to clients nationwide.

The financial services industry is increasingly commoditized and products are obtainable anywhere. We provide real value to our clients by being process-first and delivering a financial strategy that is built by financial products, not the other way around.

At Consolidated Planning, we offer advisors an empowering environment and extraordinary wisdom to achieve their fullest potential. We are passionate about our protection first philosophy and is the foundation of our planning.

2024 Internship Information

8-week program from June 3, 2024 to July 24, 2024

Our interns will be working in person

$2,500 (total) stipend for the summer

Laptops for use during the internship will be provided by CP

Where can you be a CP intern?

Internship Locations


Charlotte, NC

6115 Park South Drive

Ste 200

Charlotte, NC 28210


Atlanta, GA

3565 Piedmont Rd. NE

Bldg.4 Ste 340

Atlanta, GA 30305


Mt. Pleasant, SC

1036 Lansing Drive

Ste 200

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

I learned a lot of valuable information that I can apply personally and professionally. 

– Bryce, 2023 intern at Consolidated Planning

How to Apply

Submit your resume and cover letter to: cpinternship@cplanning.com

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact Becky Thompson, Director of Talent Acquisition/Managing Director




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