When you take care of your clients, you take care of yourself

A clear path to building a mission-based practice

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What's it like to be a financial advisor at Consolidated Planning?

Your Questions Answered

Unlock key insights into a career at Consolidated Planning. In this video, we’re addressing topics like:

  • What type of support do you provide?
  • I do have experience, why do I need your help?
  • Do I own my own book?
  • What makes you different than other firms?
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Your Career at Consolidated Planning

Experience the freedom to shape your practice, the support to excel, and the opportunity to create a lasting impact on clients’ lives


Maximize Your Unique Ability

Spend more time on your unique ability, building relationships with your clients. We’ll help you handle the rest.


A Proven Path

You wouldn’t set out on a road trip without a destination, why should your career be any different. When you follow your path to success, you know what it takes to build your financial advising practice.


Work For Yourself, Not By Yourself

Whether you’re an experienced advisor or new to the industry, your book of clients is exactly that...yours, not ours. You’re building something for yourself yet you’re not alone. You get help in building your practice from day one.

Don’t let the fear of change hold you back in your career

We get it. Change is hard. And not knowing if the reward outweighs the risk can deter you from fulfilling your potential in life and your career. But, what’s the alternative, feeling like you’re grinding away with no hope of change? Here’s what can happen if you don’t fight that fear:  

  • Your practice isn’t growing 
  • Stuck in your current circumstances 
  • Feel like you’re selling things all the time  
  • Confused about who your target market is 
  • Distracted by paper work and computer work  
  • Feeling frustrated with the financial services industry 
Take control of your practice

Become the advisor you’ve always wanted to be

We’ve been where you are. We understand the weight of this decision and we’ve learned it is possible to build a healthy and thriving practice that’s mission-based. 

Which is why we’ve built a proven process that’s helped over 100 advisors launch a successful practice. When you’re focused on helping your clients first and selling products second, you can actually scale faster. 

Whether it’s working with your personalized mentor, or leaning into the many teams of support you’ll receive from CP, you’ll be one step closer to taking control of your life and building the practice you’ve been dreaming of.   

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Find your meaning in helping people and become who you want to be in three simple steps


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This is where you can identify if the must-haves in your financial advising career align with our planning philosophy.

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Customize Your Practice Playbook

With decades of success in helping advisors build practices, you can feel confident in your path to success with the right playbook for  where you want to go.

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Become a mission-based advisor and join our team

Find your meaning in helping people, with a mix of autonomy and support in your financial advising practice.

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What Our Advisors Are Saying

As you’re contemplating,

Why would I go through the pain of change?”,

you may also be thinking,

“Of course you would say good things about your firm…”

And we get it.  We’re maybe a bit biased (Let’s be honest though, you would be too if you were us…).

You don’t need to take just our word for it though.   See what some of our advisors have to say about they’re experience joining CP.

We interviewed people who worked in other professions or were already experienced financial professionals before coming to CP.

They explain why they joined CP and why they’ve chosen to stay.

Click to the left to hear their stories.

Help 125 Families and Businesses in 5 Years

Build a Mission-Based Practice

In order to do that, you need to recognize that advisors must be great at relationships and making complex information simple. We’re here to do all the rest:

  • Processing paperwork
  • Planning services for your clients
  • Target marketing and marketing efforts
  • Business expertise for your business owners
  • Developing you to be a planning processed advisor

You deserve to spend more time building your practice.

Focus on what you’re best at, your unique ability. Let us help you spend more time in front of your clients, not behind your desk. 

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