What Does a Career with Consolidated Planning Look Like? 3 Possible Paths for You to Explore.

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Whether you’ve experienced hardships in your current industry, current firm, or are ready for a career change altogether, you might be at that stage where you’re wondering, what are the possible career paths as a financial advisor?

Here at Consolidated Planning, we have a proven track record of success, starting with just four advisors in 1981, and now with over 110 advisors in more than 12 locations managing over $1.4 Billion in Assets, and growing. Our proven planning process puts your clients and the right strategy first.

Within each possible path for you, we will focus on the skill sets and characteristics necessary for your success at CP. We believe in the power of planning and that goes for making changes in your career. We will adequately equip you with the resources on whether Consolidated Planning is the right fight for you both personally and professionally.


The Associate Financial Advisor Career Path

You might have some licensing, are ready to build a practice, or are a career changer and new to the business.

This path is for those of you who are not yet confident in your market, nor confident in finding your own clients, and are looking to be on a formal team. At this stage, advisors will have an incredible amount of support from our various in-house teams, including:

“Most advisors in our business are all alone even if they’re with a big company, yet at CP advisors don’t work by themselves,” says President & CEO, Andy Brincefield.

These teams are made up of individuals with the unique ability necessary to help you build your practice with us. As an Associate Advisor at Consolidated Planning, you can expect to reach $150k by the 5th year by helping 125 people – families or businesses.

You’ll be on a team, learning with the best, growing a practice, and helping clients find their financial way. 


The 250k in 5 Years Financial Advisor Career Path

You’re slightly experienced and looking to grow your business.

Our 250k in 5 years path is for those of you who have a great existing market and want to build your own practice. This practice-building playbook is unique to the industry and is really due to our balanced approach to planning. We focus on clients first, and any products follow a strategy. Because of this we often work with all of a client’s financial affairs – insurance, investments, and planning. 

This candidate is following our planning philosophy, using Consolidated Planning’s greenhouse of resources to grow, and helping roughly 125 clients over 5 years. This hard work results in $250,000 of income by your 5th year – balanced between insurance, investments, and fee compensation. It’s rare to come to Consolidated Planning with all of the planning knowledge necessary, but our internal teams build this within you while helping you build a planning practice.

As an Associate Advisor, you often don’t have your own market while 250k in 5 years advisors have a market that they’re confident in. Associate Advisors are on a team with a senior advisor, while a 250k in 5 years advisor is building a team around them.


The Greater than 250k in 5 Years Financial Advisor Career Path

You likely have been in the business for a few years but you’re ready for more.

Greater than 250k is for those of you that understand the 250k in 5 years playbook, but want more and are capable of more. Our best advisors want more, once they know it’s possible.

And it is possible.

Our planning resources, including Advisor Performing Group (APG) and Business Owner Strategic Solutions (BOSS), help to increase your capabilities and create an environment for growth. With this path you can hone in on your unique ability, focusing on managing clients and relationships.

This path is for those of you ready for bigger successes, and an alignment with a bigger playbook. The marketing is bigger, the average client is larger, and the path is often targeted to at least $500,000 in 5 years.


What Makes Consolidated Planning the Right Fit for You?

Entrepreneurial, check.

Self-starter, check.

Gritty, check.

Independent but coachable, check.

You want to be in this business for the right reasons, check.

If you find yourself checking these boxes, the only thing left to do is take your skill sets and put them into action. The real question you have to ask yourself is who you want to take action with. Is it Consolidated Planning? Is it another firm?

The answer is up to you.

Aside from building a successful practice at Consolidated Planning, you’ll be able to leverage your unique abilities, and build meaningful connections for your business and beyond, all while believing in and enjoying the work you do alongside our other financial advisors.

These three paths are just the start. Advisors at Consolidated Planning are eager to continue achieving more and we give them the tools and resources to help reach those goals, even beyond the Greater than 250k in 5 Years.

If you’re ready to grow your practice the way you envision it, let us work with you to design a custom playbook for growth. Learn how Consolidated Planning is different from other firms, from client planning to firm culture.


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