Perpetual Growth As A Financial Advisor At Consolidated Planning

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Perpetual means for all time or forever. That sounds like a big commitment but does that word describe what you would want your financial advising career to look like?

If you want to forever grow as a financial advisor, you’re in the right place.

Growth assumes success but even success looks different to us all. What does growth and success mean for you?

Here at Consolidated Planning, we believe growth is more than just about making money. Over our decades-long journey, we have built a planning philosophy centered around growing your financial planning business with the intention of helping 125 families and/or businesses during your first five years.

The flywheel effect for perpetual growth at Consolidated Planning will help you understand what it takes to continually grow as a financial advisor in the six sections of our Flywheel approach.

What Is The Flywheel For Perpetual Growth?

The flywheel for perpetual growth was developed to help focus our intent as a company. The flywheel effect is a concept developed by Jim Collins in his book Good To Great

The concept is that a great transformation is not attributed to one moment or one action but rather momentum propelling the flywheel to greatness and beyond. Rather than pinpointing one area that makes advisors at Consolidated Planning stand out from the crowd, we believe it’s a collection of habits and best practices that helps our advisors go from good to great.

Going from good to great is done by following our guides for growth in a few ways.


6 Areas To Propel You Forward In A Career As A Financial Advisor

As each section of the flywheel improves, all other areas strengthen, and your flywheel moves faster and faster, cultivating more improvements.

With every additional push along a point on our flywheel, you build momentum. Conversely, if you are not careful, decisions and strategies that are not in alignment with the flywheel can reduce your momentum.


#1 Selecting Those With Belief

It all starts with belief. Really everything does for that matter.

The belief is around our planning philosophy to help 125 families or businesses over your first 5 years of practice building with us. The by-product of these 125 clients is at least 250k of revenue by your 5th year.

Building your practice will be done by putting people and strategy before products. Attracting believers for our consultative planning approach helps us build strength as a company, demonstrate results, and continue building upon those strengths.

Alignment on values, planning philosophies, goals, and expectations with a firm will prove to be the right place to start when selecting the right firm for you and your career.


#2 Dynamically Improve Advisors

Finding ways to continually improve as a financial advisor is essential to your success. We want to help you here.

  • Market Building
  • Recurring Income
  • Multi-disciplined Approach

The culture you will come to know at Consolidated Planning is a commitment to a high level of success for each advisor and their clients.

Market building is one of the areas to dynamically improve in your career. This process helps advisors build a market for their practice, including identifying your natural market, target market, and niche market. 

As part of the market builder program, having one to two, established target markets at the end of 12 months is a big deal. This allows you to find new clients, be choosy with who you work with, hones marketing efforts, and enhances the client experience.


#3 Learning Paths

Too often you will find that learning in the professional world doesn’t have a beginning and an end. We have developed several learning paths, or formal trainings, that have a beginning and an end where progress can be tracked.

These learning paths include:

  • The Consolidated Planning, Planning Process, “Take Off” for new advisors. This includes being multi-disciplined in areas like investments, insurance, taxes, accumulation planning, distribution planning, working with business owners – and the strategic glue to put all that together.
  • Investments, “Foundations for Wealth Management” for a deeper dive into the investment side of the business.
  • Market Building to better understand where your market lies and how to best serve that market(s).

#4 Accountability Delivers Feedback

Accountability and success go hand in hand.

While you own your practice, we want to help you hold yourself accountable. Weekly, we will assess the following areas with you and provide feedback in terms of how your practice building is going. 

  • What went well this week
  • What did not go well this week
  • What do you need help with (introductions, strategy, client meeting preparation, etc)

These weekly check-ins with your assigned mentor and leaders at Consolidated Planning will remain with you throughout your career with us, no matter your experience level. It’s important that you are constantly evaluating if things make sense and if they align and fit within this model.

Rest assured, your mentor will have walked where you currently walk and is committed to helping you achieve all that you set out to, and then some.


#5 We All Get Better

The team-based approach you will find at Consolidated Planning is even true for the success of our colleagues. The culture at our firm is made up of individuals who want to see each and every advisor get better and better.

We celebrate the successful practice building of our peers.

The truth is when we are all getting better professionally and personally in a career as a financial advisor, everyone benefits. A firm made up of highly skilled advisors enhances any firm’s reputation for innovation, learning, and results, therefore your reputation when you’re out prospecting as a financial advisor.

Your reputation may even precede you.


#6 Success Yields Candidates

As financial advisors are improving, learning, holding themselves accountable, and getting better, the pipeline of advisor candidates replenishes, further propelling our flywheel around.

By building the best in class financial advisors through our commitment to the flywheel concept, we are able to attract those with the belief that we talk about in the first section of our flywheel.

We are always looking to the future of our firm and this requires the right people to help us get there.

And on it goes.


Will Consolidated Planning’s Flywheel Help You Strengthen Your Skills As A Financial Advisor?

You may be thinking to yourself, is Consolidated Planning a good fit for me?

While you work for yourself as a financial advisor, you will never work by yourself. Each section of the Flywheel at Consolidated Planning has people in common. 

  • Those with the belief
  • Always improving advisors
  • Opportunities for continued learning
  • Accountability and feedback
  • Everyone gets better
  • Success leads to more qualified candidates

People are what help propel other people forward and that’s exactly what you’ll find in a career here.

Even outside of the flywheel, you will find that people, leveraging their skills for the success of others, is a common thread in our culture and planning philosophy.

If the right firm for you includes an ever-evolving process of learning and growing to maximize your impact, reach out to our recruiters to talk about how you will build your practice by finding clients.


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Published:  January 20, 2023