Can You Work Remote As A Financial Advisor?

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According to Upwork, by 2025, an estimated 32.6 million Americans will be working remotely, which equates to about 22% of the workforce. You can be part of this 22%.

With remote careers on the rise, a career in financial advising is no different.

In this article, we’ll explore why remote work is possible for financial advisors, the associated benefits of working remotely, all to decide if this career path might be right for you.


Top 2 Reasons Remote Work Is Possible As A Financial Advisor

When we talk about this career, we talk a lot about managing your own schedule. And if you own your practice, there is no reason you can’t work remotely as a financial advisor. But, not only can you work remotely with some firms, it’s actually becoming the norm in today’s age.


#1 Technology Makes It Easier To Work Remotely

Love it or hate it, technology has opened doors for personal and professional lives. Technology is not only making it possible to work remote but EASIER than ever in a few ways:

  • Conferencing applications
  • Collaboration software (The Living Balance Sheet®)
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Secure data access and storage
  • Financial planning software
  • Compliance software

By leveraging these technological offerings, financial advisors can effectively navigate the challenges of remote work, ensuring seamless communication, secure data management, and efficient collaboration with both clients and team members. 

And that’s a huge part of your job as a financial advisor – communication.

It’s important to ensure that your clients are comfortable with the chosen virtual meeting platforms, understand the security measures in place, and are informed about how their privacy will be maintained during virtual interactions. Providing a seamless and secure virtual experience can enhance client satisfaction.


#2 Client Preferences Are Changing

It’s no surprise that client preferences have changed ever since the pandemic. Traditionally, advisors and their clients met in person which created both intimacy and an increased level of trust. After all, you are handling someone’s assets and livelihood. While this is still true, there has been a change in meeting culture. And it might be here to stay.

That’s because meeting virtually enables us great access to our clients and vice versa. There is greater flexibility, convenience, and some might say even efficiency in meeting virtually.

Many clients have become accustomed to virtual meetings and online communication, making remote financial advising more acceptable and even preferable for some.

But, while many clients are receptive to virtual meetings, it’s important for financial advisors to be mindful of individual preferences. Some clients may still prefer face-to-face interactions for certain discussions, and a hybrid approach that offers both virtual and in-person options can cater to a broader range of preferences.

If you do choose to mainly offer virtual meetings, it’s essential that your meeting formats are adjusted to reflect what that looks like in your practice.

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Benefits Of Working Remote


Work-life Balance

Becoming a financial advisor where you own your practice should come with some level of work-life balance, shouldn’t it? Aside from simply wanting to help people achieve financial wellness, the potential for work-life balance and flexibility may be a reason you’re considering this career path. There are no walls and you can truly work to achieve your desired work-life balance.

Whether that means traveling more, picking up the kids from school, or simply creating YOUR ideal work week, working from home gives you the flexibility you desire. And with the right firm, no questions asked.


Increased Productivity

Achieving your work-life balance often comes with increased productivity. This is thanks to a more customized and comfortable working space for you, without the distractions commonly found in a traditional office setting. Don’t get us wrong, there is value in having a cup of coffee with your colleague but this doesn’t need to be an everyday occurrence in an office setting. 

Your increased productivity feeds your work-life balance.


Access To A Wider Client Base

Less walls for you, means less walls when it comes to your client base as well. Working remotely allows financial advisors to connect with clients beyond geographical constraints. 

Virtual meetings, video conferencing, and other online communication tools enable you to serve clients from different locations, potentially expanding your client base and increasing your opportunities for practice growth.

As long as your licenses expand to other states, your practice can too.


Are You Ready For A Remote Financial Advising Career?

Even with these advances and benefits, building your own practice AND working remotely requires both dedication and processes in place to keep you on track.

It’s important to establish boundaries to prevent work from taking over personal time completely. Creating a dedicated workspace, setting clear working hours, and communicating expectations with clients and colleagues can help maintain a healthy work-life balance in your new found remote environment.

To learn more about how we balance autonomy and support at Consolidated Planning, talk with a team member.

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Published:  March 7, 2024