Salary vs. Commission As A Financial Advisor At Consolidated Planning: What You Need To Know.

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Unlimited earnings potential. How many times have you heard that when evaluating financial advising firms?   

A lot? We thought so… 

Here at Consolidated Planning, we recognize that regardless of where you are in your career, starting with a new firm has its fair share of uncertainties. However, uncertainties when it comes to your income is a whole other ball game.  

Your earnings potential is ultimately dependent upon your activity level, and your willingness to put in the work. Deciding whether a salary, commission, or a merriment of the two is right for your career is essential when choosing a firm, as these factors impact the amount and the reliability of your expected income.  

Will I Be Salary Or Commission-Based As A Financial Advisor At Consolidated Planning?  

As a financial advisor at Consolidated Planning, you will earn both a salary and commission. This compensation mix will help you better plan for what you can expect in terms of income each month, while also allowing you to exceed that dollar amount. 

How Will I Earn Money For Investment Business?  

For the investment side of your practice, you will be commission-based as is typical in the industry, and receive investment earnings as 1099 income for taxes.   

To make your transition to Consolidated Planning easier, and meet some of your lifestyle needs, we often advance income monthly against any expected investment earnings. Together, we come to an agreement on what the dollar amount of your advance is. This monthly figure is dependent upon your experience and likelihood of meeting, or exceeding, your advance.  

How Will I Earn Money For Insurance Business?  

For the insurance side of your practice, you will earn a salary as a financial representative, and that salary is validated against earnings on insurance in your first year. This also is the mechanism for benefits, which may include group coverage, retirement plan benefits, and of course, W-2 wages.  

Just like the investment side of the business, this salary will be agreed upon based on your experience level and your potential. Together, we will determine a realistic starting point.  

Is Consolidated Planning The Right Fit For Me? 

Regardless of the way you will be compensated as a financial advisor, you are expected to conduct business in a manner that is in the best interest of your clients. We think our compensation mix allows for this.  

At Consolidated Planning, you won’t feel the pressure to push products to determine your income. Our planning philosophy is firmly rooted in a comprehensive approach that goes beyond industry standard insurance only and investment only business models. This allows our advisors to become their client’s go-to person for all financial needs. 

If you’re ready to learn more about building a practice and what your income might look like, reach out to our recruiters to start the conversation. 




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Published:  February 17, 2023