Top 4 Reasons Being A Financial Advisor Is A Great Opportunity For Women Returning To The Workforce

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The thought of returning to the workforce after an extended leave of absence is quite frankly an intimidating realization.

But, the good news is, you don’t have to start over in your career. You don’t.

Financial Advisors at Consolidated Planning are given every tool and resource needed to hit the ground running in re-establishing themselves in their career.

This article will help you explore the top reasons why being a Financial Advisor presents a unique opportunity for women returning to the workforce. From flexible work arrangements to promising career growth and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives, this profession is a compelling choice for women who want to jump right in.


Why Women Don’t Have To Start Over In A Career As A Financial Advisor

More times than not, a career leave of absence is associated with accepting a lesser position than once was held.

Let’s look at working moms for an example. Based on a study from the Institute For Women’s Policy Research, women who take a year off from work after giving birth earn less than women who don’t. And that’s just from 1 year away from the workforce

What about the women who take an extended leave of absence to take care of a family member, children, or to pursue something other than a full-time career? A career as a Financial Advisor doesn’t take any of this into account. Your success will be determined by the effort you’re willing to put forward.


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4 Reasons Women Should Consider Becoming A Financial Advisor

While the idea of a commission-based compensation structure as a Financial Advisor isn’t for everyone, it’s for those women who want to streamline their career and advance at a quicker pace. And by quicker pace, we mean the potential to make good money relatively quickly – no matter how long it’s been since you’ve held a full-time position. So, here’s why you should consider switching industries after your leave of absence:



Since a career in financial advising is all about finding and building relationships, you already have the makings of a great potential for clients in your current network. 

Women can leverage their existing connections to generate leads, referrals, and partnerships in the financial advising industry. Former colleagues, clients, industry contacts, and even mom groups can provide valuable introductions and recommendations, giving you a head start in building your client base and reputation as a trusted advisor.



Ambitious women are instinctively hard workers and tend to take on work above and beyond their job description. Along with this comes additional projects and additional time spent without additional compensation.

Your salary at Consolidated Planning is commission-based, meaning your earnings will reflect your efforts. That means you directly benefit from the additional time spent on building your practice.

You should be paid for the work that you do. Or don’t.



Speaking of the days you don’t work, at Consolidated Planning, you get to choose your hard work weeks. Advisors at Consolidated Planning follow weekly habits in gathering contacts and setting meetings for 40-weeks of hard work. This leaves 12 weeks of general work or vacation.

For those women with families to care for or hobbies to pursue – being a Financial Advisor makes it possible to have the work/life balance you desire.

Gone are the days where you have to use PTO for your child’s school recital or simply miss it altogether. You can manage your time and work when it’s convenient for you and your clients.

You’re in control of your own schedule, giving you the ability to be present with your family when you decide.



According to a study by TeamStage on Women in The Workforce, happiness levels are elevating the numbers of women in the entrepreneurial sector with just 9% of women reporting that they are happy working for someone else. 9%.

There is nothing like going to work and struggling to find meaning and happiness in what you do. 

So don’t.

When you do spend time away from your family, make sure it’s for something that makes you feel fulfilled…and happy.

A career as a Financial Advisor is an impactful one. Not only does your day as a Financial Advisor revolve around meeting people and building relationships but it also revolves around helping your clients achieve their goals – helping to set them up for a successful and financially balanced future.

When you take care of your clients, you take care of yourself and your family.



Is Financial Advising The Right Career Path For Your Return To The Workforce?

While the financial industry has traditionally been male-dominated, times are changing. Women not only possess the necessary skill set to be successful but are also adequately rewarded for their efforts here. Your past experience or positions held doesn’t hold you back in a career as a Financial Advisor.

When you’re actively looking for a new role, remember that once you take a job where you aren’t making as much as you want to, need to, or know you can, it’s hard to make more money than that.

If you’re ready to return to the workforce with a roadmap for success, talk with our recruiters about how you work for yourself, but not by yourself at Consolidated Planning.


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Published:  August 4, 2023