Consolidated Planning Interview Process: What To Expect As A Candidate.

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If you’re ready for a change at your current firm or are looking to change careers altogether, you might be wondering what our interview process looks like. Bringing on the right financial advisors is a top priority at Consolidated Planning, and our interview process reflects that.

We’ve been a leader in the strategic planning space since 1981 and this long journey has taught us many lessons that our advisors now bring to bear for the benefit of our clients. With an emphasis on planning, it’s essential that our financial advisors deliver our strategic planning processes to each and every client.

In this article, you will learn the stages of interviewing as a financial advisor, how we make our decision, and if Consolidated Planning is the right fit for you or not.

3 Stages of Interviewing to Become a Financial Advisor

The overall theme for these interviews will revolve around what it means to build a practice, and the ways you will, or will not, do so. Whether you’re a career changer or an experienced advisor, these interviews are meant to gauge how successful you can be by introducing our playbook which focuses on the fundamentals we know will drive results long term as an advisor builds a comprehensive, planning-oriented practice.



Here we will discuss the career path. You will speak with a representative of the firm about what it means to build a practice with Consolidated Planning. 

If you’re experienced in the business, what are the challenges you’re facing, the future goals that you’re aiming for, and what would an ideal, future practice look like to you? 

If you’re changing careers, the conversation is based around what we do for clients, our mission as a firm, and what a career changer can expect for training, the hallmarks of a successful practice, and how the interview process will unfold.



This first conversation is to get to know each other, and you will likely be meeting with someone from the leadership team. Aside from building a connection, we will begin discussing how we will step into the future together. This means assessing what is ideal, bigger, better and more impactful for you and your career as well as what is unacceptable, what do you want to be sure doesn’t happen in your career.

You can come best prepared for this conversation by knowing why you want to be a financial advisor, what you want your career to look like, and what’s important to you in joining a firm.

Regardless of your experience level, there is always an initial interview via Zoom. Here we will discuss how you will help clients with a high level discussion of our unique planning process and how the firm’s mission is to help its advisors build a practice, in return helping the most clients. The direction of this interview will depend on whether you’re a career changer or an experienced advisor.

As a career changer, you will meet 1-on-1 with a more recent financial advisor at our firm to better relate to what you will experience within your first few months and the first year. As a more experienced advisor, you will meet 1-on-1 with a seasoned advisor that more accurately reflects where you’ll likely be starting in your financial advising career at Consolidated Planning.



The final stage of the interview process consists of 4-5 interviews which will be scheduled at your pace, whether that’s within one week or several weeks. These interviews are typically hosted via Zoom and will include newer advisors for career changers and more seasoned advisors for our experienced candidates.

Members of our advisor services support groups, along with target marketing and practice support groups are also a part of the interview experience to best set expectations for your first year and beyond with us.

We will determine the best fit for these interviews based on similar experiences to help accurately depict what your day to day and long-term career may look like with Consolidated Planning.


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Once you complete the interview process, the team comes together to make a decision. This decision making process boils down to a simple yes or no from those involved. We will come to this decision based on three questions, regardless of your experience level.

  • Do you understand the playbook we introduced?
  • Do you want to achieve the goals outlined in the playbook and more?
  • Are you capable of achieving the goals?

Our conversation here helps us determine if you are the right fit for us and vise versa.


Are You the Right Financial Advisor for Consolidated Planning?

Our interview process is intentionally set up to ensure we are choosing the financial advisor that aligns with our culture, values, planning process, and most importantly can provide our clients with what they have grown to expect from advisors at Consolidated Planning.

So, what makes you the right fit?

You’re consultative

You want to build meaningful relationships, putting people before money. Even if you’re a transactional advisor now, you want to take a consultative approach to planning.

You believe in our planning process

Our planning process looks at the whole picture, not just a product. You see the value in the way we do planning and are willing to learn how to do so.

You’re capable of building a practice

You have a proven track record or a natural market, depending on your experience, and are ready to work hard to reach 250k in 5 years.


Is Consolidated Planning the Right Fit for You?

When looking to switch careers, it’s beneficial to understand the interview process at prospective companies. As a candidate with Consolidated Planning, you can expect to have 6-8 interviews with both senior leaders and those with similar experiences as yourself. These interviews will focus on building a practice, your career goals, and the ways we do planning.

While the interview process is a commitment, it’s always worth it to do your due diligence in ensuring we are the right fight for you.

Are you ready to move forward? The choice is yours. If you think we will be a good fit for your career, reach out to one of our recruiters to learn more about how to build a practice with Consolidated Planning.


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Published:  December 9, 2022