How Will Consolidated Planning’s New Business Hub Support My Financial Advising Practice?

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Paperwork is not something that most of us enjoy completing, and that is certainly true in a career as a financial advisor. Financial advisors tend to thrive at building and fostering relationships, not sitting behind a screen all day.

At Consolidated Planning, we strive to provide the very best resources to our financial advisors. When you have the very best from us, you’re able to relay that to your clients. We have several internal teams that allow you to focus on what you do best and this includes the New Business Hub.

In this article, you will learn how the New Business Hub benefits you, your clients, and makes your job easier and more seamless. Yes, easier.

What is the New Business Hub?

Wrapped into the planning process, the New Business Hub is part of your workflow from day one as a financial advisor at Consolidated Planning. The New Business Hub team is made up of highly knowledgeable individuals whose sole focus is onboarding and processing new business paperwork for you and your clients, including life and disability applications and investment solutions.

Top 3 Benefits of the New Business Hub

Benefit #1: The New Business Hub Gives You Time Back to Focus on Your Unique Ability

Time is one of your most valuable resources and something you can’t get back. The New Business Hub was set up for you to get some of your time back by requiring you to complete far less paperwork than a traditional firm. As a financial advisor at Consolidated Planning, we want you to focus on your unique ability, and chances are that is not paperwork.

No one person can do it all. “Stop doing what you’re below average at, this takes away oxygen in the room from your unique ability,” says Andy Brincefield, President & CEO. We want to see all our advisors have a successful, meaningful career with Consolidated Planning and we firmly believe the New Business Hub makes space for that.

Benefit #2: Less Mistakes Will Be Made Utilizing The New Business Hub

Leveraging your unique ability means putting the most emphasis in the areas you excel at. The unique ability of the New Business Hub team is, you guessed it, processing intricate paperwork day in and day out. This team averages 30 cases a week and are equipped with the experience to more accurately enter information on behalf of you and your clients.

While you will be responsible for the collection of client data, the New Business Hub team is dedicated to you, your success, and the success of your clients. Starting the relationship off on the right foot makes all the difference and having the team on your side will

Benefit #3: The New Business Hub Advances the Advisor-Client Relationship

The commitment to our advisors is the reason we have this resource in place. This resource directly helps you be more successful by allowing you to focus more of your time and energy on nurturing your clients and building new relationships.  

Ensuring that paperwork is done right, and in a timely manner, advances the advisor-client relationship by further instilling trust. With fewer mistakes, like we mentioned above, less time is spent going back and forth with your client on mistakes in their paperwork.

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How Does the New Business Hub Support the 80/20 Rule?

We’ve all heard some version of the 80/20 rule. In this instance, the 80/20 rule refers to 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients. The goal of the New Business Hub is to give you more time to focus on nurturing your current clients rather than doing paperwork.

So, in what ways does utilizing this resource help me work smarter, not harder?

#1 Time Spent

Without the New Business Hub: You spend hours upon hours a week inputting and processing paperwork.

With the New Business Hub: You spend hours upon hours a week with your clients, prospects, or doing activities that further advance those relationships.

#2 Activity Level

Without the New Business Hub: You spend the bulk of your day alone, in your office.

With the New Business Hub: You spend the bulk of your day outside the office, meeting with clients, attending events, or casually bumping into a prospective client at the coffee shop.

#3 A Consultative Approach

Without the New Business Hub: You find yourself becoming a very transactional financial advisor.

With the New Business Hub: You find yourself offering a consultative experience and more authentically building a successful practice.

Will the New Business Hub Help Me Build My Financial Advising Practice?

If you’re hoping to build a financial advising practice that includes more time spent building relationships, and less time spent with the burden of paperwork, you might be in the right place.

The New Business Hub gives you the time to build the relationships that ultimately make up a successful financial advising practice. “The New Business Hub makes our advisors happy and successful, and those are two important things,” says Andy Brincefield, President & CEO. In addition to the New Business Hub, we have several other teams that align with the mission to support advisors at Consolidated Planning.

If the New Business Hub sounds like a beneficial resource to build your financial advising practice, reach out to our recruiting team for more information on other resources we offer to our financial advisors.

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Published:  December 2, 2022