How Will Consolidated Planning’s Advisor Performance Group Support Your Financial Advising Practice?

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Support as a financial advisor can make all the difference in your level of success. While you work for yourself in this career, you shouldn’t work by yourself. No one person is expected to do it all and this is true when it comes to your practice as well. 

Here at Consolidated Planning we focus on a team-based approach that fosters incredible innovation and creativity when it comes to solving complex planning problems. 

What does this mean for you as an advisor? Our team-based approach benefits advisors by providing resources to excel within your financial advising practice.

The Advisor Performance Group is one of the resources that makes our team-based approach what it is today. With the help of this team, you will learn how to maximize your time and build the best solutions for your clients.


What Is The Advisor Performance Group?

The Advisor Performance Group (APG) is just that, a group of individuals focused on your performance. APG exists for the purpose of supporting advisors in any facet that has to do with taking your prospects through our planning process and turning them into clients.


How Will You Use The Advisor Performance Group?

The extent to which you utilize APG is dependent upon you. Are you willing to lay down some control and let this team go to work for you?

From the moment you have a strong prospect, you will submit an internal form to APG. Advisors will receive confirmation that APG has received your submission and they will begin pulling data.

This data typically includes items like:

  •       Current policies
  •       Current pay stubs
  •       Social security statements
  •       Checking and savings account statements
  •       Credit card statements
  •       Home appraisal

APG will organize and sift through this data and identify any gaps for moving forward.

At this point, the team will also identify quick wins like raising insurance deductibles to reduce premiums or refinancing a mortgage to improve cash flow. They will also build out the client’s personal planning site using our planning tool, The Living Balance Sheet®, work on the strategy, and frame out what the case will look like.

Working with APG can be a very front-loaded process from a data gathering perspective. The initial effort placed here will make it easier to have all of your ducks in a row for each client meeting and ultimately, for your career as a financial advisor. APG helps to take the administrative work off of your plate and gives you resources to provide the best possible planning for your clients.

While the use of APG is not required, it is strongly encouraged for new advisors. This resource is free to you in your first 12-months of working with Consolidated Planning. Advisors who work with APG can potentially have a case size increase that of those who don’t.

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3 Benefits Of The Advisor Performance Group


#1 A Consistent Resource

From week one, you will have weekly meetings with an APG team member. You will use this time to talk about the Living Balance Sheet®, how it works and how your client will use it, illustrations for growth over time, and how to utilize the New Business Hub for processing your paperwork (Yes, we have a team that processes your paperwork, too) as well as other departments geared toward advisor success.

Anything that you might run into as a financial advisor, including general case questions and requirements to contract as a financial advisor, APG will help solve. If APG isn’t the right person for your question, they will direct you to the right team. Think of this group as your lifeline.


#2 Preparation For Client Meetings

Client meetings can be broken down into four buckets: protection, investments, cash flow, and strategy implementation. Each of these conversations will look very different and are typically discussed over several meetings. That sounds like a lot of prep work, doesn’t it?

The good news is that APG will collaborate with you to most appropriately prepare for each of these meetings.

Before each client meeting, you will have a consultation with APG to review the specifics for the case. These specifics take into account where we are in the planning process of the case and are highly customizable.

 Some areas you may cover include:

  •       Meeting Agendas
  •       Meeting Scripts & Narratives
  •       Potential Client objections
  •       Insurance Illustrations
  •       Deliverables for Clients (calculators, simulators, etc)
  •       The outcome of a successful meeting

 The client has the final say in each decision, so APG will rely on the advisor to provide client feedback during each step of the process. Collaboration between advisors and APG is critical during the process to create the right strategy for each client.


#3 Spend More Time On Revenue-Generating-Activities

As a financial advisor, the bulk of your day should be spent on revenue-generating activities. These activities mainly include anything that puts you in front of your clients and prospects. Sifting through data and drawing illustrations from behind a screen is exactly the opposite, a non-revenue-generating activity.

 APG literally takes these non-revenue-generating activities off of your plate, freeing you up to build your practice. After- all, your activity level is linked to your level of success as a financial advisor.


Will The Advisor Performance Group Help You Grow Your Financial Advising Practice?

Without adequate time allotted to your prospects and clients – you may find yourself struggling to enjoy being a financial advisor. Chances are, you are either exploring this career path or would like to continue down this path because you enjoy working with people, not crunching numbers.

Consolidated Planning’s Advisor Performance Group helps you do just that. APG gives you the time back in your day to grow your practice and does so in a personalized way for each advisor and their clients.

If you are looking to join a firm where coaching and training is built into the process, Consolidated Planning might be a good fit for you. To learn more about this resource and a day in the life of a financial advisor, reach out to our recruiters.


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Published:  December 23, 2022