Why I Chose To Be A Financial Advisor At Consolidated Planning

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When shopping online, you’ve likely scrolled to the review section for real customer feedback…or the entertainment of it, at least.

Real reviews and real perspectives help us all make informed decisions. So, why should the firms you’re seriously evaluating be any different?

We all know that failing to choose the right firm (or product) for you can be nothing but a headache and we want to help you avoid that. Because advisors at Consolidated Planning joined the firm for various reasons, we want to share the answers we heard most. These include:

  • Tools and resources
  • The planning philosophy
  • Variety of products
  • Helping people

In what follows, you can use their reasons for joining Consolidated Planning to help you make a more informed decision on the right financial firm for you and your practice.


4 Reasons Advisors Chose Consolidated Planning




A career in financial advising is not for the faint of heart. Financial advisors may work long and/or unconventional hours in order to meet the needs of their practice and their clients. In order to have adequate time to build your practice you need resources at your disposal.

Not just any resources but the right resources that you can trust.

Advisors at Consolidated Planning are able to focus strictly on their revenue-generating activities – building relationships, finding clients, keeping clients, and doing it all over again.

Here at CP, our resources go to work for you in every facet of non-revenue generating activities:

  • The Advisor Performance Group (APG) for case analysis and planning
  • The New Business Hub (NBH) for processing paperwork
  • The Advisor Development Group for continued learning and growth
  • The Marketing Administration and Practice Management Solutions (MAPS) team for marketing
  • The Mentorship Program pairing you with a mentor, not a Sales Manager, to guide you along the way
  • Product Specialists to help you understand the breadth and depth of products within our wheelhouse
  • The Virtual Assistant Program to help you with projects
  • Wealth Management Support to propel your practice forward

These resources pave a clear path towards a successful practice and allow you to focus on your unique ability, not every task under the sun.




It’s not an exaggeration to say that your planning philosophy will guide every action you make as an advisor. Your planning philosophy defines how you help clients. It’s the core of who you are as an advisor. As such, it’s essential that you are fully aligned with your firm’s planning philosophy.

With an alignment between our advisors and our planning philosophy, advisors find themselves truly excited and passionate about the work they are doing. These advisors also follow this philosophy for their own personal planning. Practice what you preach, right?

This planning philosophy focuses on:

  • Becoming a world class saver
  • Protection first
  • Working in maximums, not minimums for coverage
  • Only asking clients questions they can answer

This kind of alignment prioritizes your clients. And, by helping your clients, you help yourself build a thriving practice.


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Scaling your practice is much more difficult to do if you’re working in just insurance or just investments. We believe that true financial planning should be a big picture scenario, focusing on a client’s entire outlook – from cash flow to insurance and investments.

Offering a variety of products to your clients allows you to show up as their one trusted advisor. With an integrated and coordinated approach to financial planning.

By doing so, you can build a balanced practice, with value and the left and right side of your balance sheet.

Left side: Right side:

  • Investments Insurance
  • Bank deposits Mortgage lending
  • Retirement accounts Other credit facilities

This value derived from true financial planning means you can experience practice growth through a consultative approach rather than scrambling to add more and more clients to keep your practice afloat.




Oftentimes, advisors come to us with a feeling that something is lacking in their career. That something is usually around helping people. If helping people isn’t at the center of your ‘why,’ maybe this career path isn’t right for you.

In traditional financial firms, products don’t follow a strategy. Products are simply pushed in a very transactional manner. At the end of the day, this approach doesn’t get to the root of what your clients need and what you should recommend. Aside from your fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of your client, helping people requires understanding where they stand today and where they want to go. 

So, how do we get there? Through meaningful conversations.

Helping people starts with meaningful conversations and is at the core of the work we do as financial advisors. This sharpened focus on protecting today and planning for tomorrow, allows advisors at Consolidated Planning to make a long-last impact in the lives of their clients.

By helping your clients achieve financial balance, you help yourself build a balanced and fulfilling practice.


Is Consolidated Planning The Right Firm For You?

Making the wrong decision can feel more intimidating than not deciding at all. But what can help push you towards a decision is these real life perspectives.

Chances are at this point you’re likely evaluating several firms to pick the right fit for you. If our advisor’s reasons for working at Consolidated Planning excite you, reach out to our team to learn about why advisors stay at CP.


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Published:  July 7, 2023